Top Reasons That Make LED Driving Lights So Popular

The world of 4-wheel drive is changed and changed for the good since the LED lighting technology has arrived. LEDs draw minimal power, last longer, run cooler, and they aren’t also as delicate as the halogen elements. These lights save us from the irritating warm-up time and there isn’t any need for external ballasts.

But, when the question is about purchasing your own LED driving lights, how would you determine where to start from? With the availability of so many manufacturers and a wide range of importers selling these driving lights, we should take out some time and sit down to take a close look at all the available range of LED lights. You should know which one deserves the place to be on the bull bar of your vehicle? Reading the article further would help you do that.

led driving lights

Check The Waterproof Ratings

Do you know what does IP58… IP67… IP68 mean and how they become an important aspect to consider before buying that light? These codes are the highlights which help us determine to the extent of how dust and water proof are your LED driving lights would be. Ingress Protection (IP) is to know what the numbers along them mean is something tricky to determine. The first numbers determines the make from the solids section, and the second number determines the make from the liquids section. The numbers will give you an idea as to how protected your LED lights are.

Lux Vs Lumen

Not all the manufacturers provide the LUX readings, but they will definitely show the lumen figure that the light produces. Lumens provide a numerical figure that simply reflects the amount of light that is being produced. In contrast, light intensity is measured by LUX. So, is doesn’t matter if the light possess high lumens and is offering a splendid stretch of light, but if the LUX reading is low, it is for the best. Though to measure both Lux and Lumen there are various technical methods available. A specially designed meter is used to measure LUX while lumen is recorded by a light integrating sphere.

Looms of Wiring

You might not know this, but most wiring looms that are installed with LED driving lights that play an important role. They genuinely help to keep the dust out. The warranty of the light will be considered void if you intentionally or unintentionally decide to remove off the connectors and replace them with your personal ones. While LED light shopping you must look for a light that is integrated with Deutsch connectors, which will make them dust and water proof. The connector helps to keep the interiors of the light dry and insulated so that water or dust particles would not destroy it.

led driving lights

So, choose wise when it comes to buying LED driving lights by making a wise decision. Make your hard earned money count while investing on important commodities.


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